LINIES created with the aim of launching a business initiative based on the design and manufacture of composites (carbon fiber, glass fiber ...).

Thanks to our experience in the construction and repair of vessels, has enabled us to design composites parts in art with impossible, and economic characteristics of carbon fiber or glass mechanical properties geometries. For sectors such as Marine, Construction, Auto ...

The production process begins with a 3D design where we can view and tweak small details to suit the client, to make way for a 1:1 scale machining of polyurethane foam, with the economic advantages of this material machining front others such as steel and aluminum.

Later, on the model we get the foam mold for subsequent mass production. Undoubtedly, the hallmark of línies is the design, innovation and development of carbon fiber and glass. These three points are what make us be at the forefront in the creation and production of composite materials.

  • 2.300 m2 of facilities
  • Painting booth pressurized
  • Paint booth open
  • 100 m2 of drying cabinet
  • Drying Oven
  • 120 m2 of offices


C/ De la Mota 23

46469 – Beniparrell

Valencia, España

TELÉFONO: +34 96 368 56 63